Case studies

New operational environment for the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait

RDI will implement the most advanced technological solutions in the new Control Centres for border surveillance in Kuwait, including the LITE EVO consoles, developed and manufactured entirely in Barcelona.

The Control Room, developed by RDI, will feature the most advanced technological and technical furniture solutions. It has been considered the integral design of the room, the implementation of LITE EVO consoles, the integration of the video walls and the installation of 4YC, an IP-based KVM video collaboration solution for command and control centres. 

The scope of the project includes the control center, the crisis rooms and the remote stations. This is the first of multiple control centers for Kuwait Border Surveillance that RDI will install over the next few months.

Among the solutions that have been implemented in the Control Center for border surveillance in the territory of Kuwait, RDI proposes and supplies the LITE EVO console model, an extremely versatile console due to its great adaptability to any control center. It can be the lightest console or become the one with the largest capacity by simply combining compartments.


It allows to manage and organize, in an optimal way, the work environment of each of the operators and the teams they coordinate. It is an innovative technology in the field of control consoles that has become a national and international reference. 


Maximum versatility.

Great connectivity between compartments.

Easy adaptation to requirements.

Lift / Stand position

High storage


The LITE EVO console is the highest-rated by our customers and the most used in the top projects developed in the last year.